Teresa Kamerik:Class of 1994

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Teresa Kamerik:
I too would have been a drop-out because I was here alone with a child in 1994. Cope helped me in so many ways. They taught me great parenting skills and went out of their way to help me and make sure I graduated. The teachers were there to help any way they could including when my son was in the hospital. My son has grown up and is now in the service and I have to contribute some that to the way I was taught to raise him due to cope. I remember when we went to (I believe it was the middle school ) and talked to some kids about our experiences so cope did not only help the girls and their children at the school but they also tried to helped other kids in the community. There were many times that cope helped me get medical attention for my son that other wise he may have not gotten due to transportation issues. I love you Ms.Debbie. You are just one of the several people that were there that made an amazing impact on my life and will forever be in my heart.

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