Teen Moms Choose Life of Central Florida has been very blessed with generous sponsors. There is no way our organization can do what we do without the contributions of the following people or organizations:

Andy Dhruv and Jay

Central Florida ACF (American Culinary Federation)

Kiwanis of Osceola County

Riccinni and Lez Banham

Melody Cortes

Jeruselem House of Prayer

First Pentecostal Church of Kissimmee (Pastor and Lori Warren)

Nicole Channer

Mary (Shotzie) Koppe

Walmart of Kissimmee

Winn Dixie of Kissimmee

Christine Bennett and Family

Mr. Fendlatter ( Zenith Faculty)

Dr. Hsiao

Katie and Rob McCormick

Lauren LeMay

Carolina Riberio

Erin Rettig

Karen Price

Rebecca Colon

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Herr

State Farm Insurance

Christine Archer

Scott Sternick

Florida Hospital (Respiratory  Department)

Quentin Rodriguez

Kameron Harding

Ruth Spivy

DeNike Realty

Linda Link

Kim Newell

Laura Herrington

Cindy Smith

Jenifer Harding

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