Mentor a Teen Mom and Become A Big Sister

Many of the young women could use extra support while they are pregnant and especially when they get home from the hospital with an infant. Many of the young girls are on their own because of families asking them to leave. Many ot these young women are scared and have no female help and guidance available to them. There is usually alot of turmoil going on in teenagers life and if you add a pregancy and a baby to it their world can go spinning out of control. Let me know if you are that special person that would like to take a young woman “under your wing”.

Big Sisters was formed in 2013 for the purpose of providing individual  assistance to the young moms who reached out for help. Many of our “Little Sisters” are attending a Teen Pregnancy Program at a High school called Zenith in Osceola County. Some of our moms are new to Central Florida looking for resources and some of our moms are in various High School Programs or out of school completely.

If interested in becoming a mentor or Big Sister please call DebbieNewell at 321-443-4866.





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    • Thank you!!! Please contact me if you have any questions.
      Debbie Newell