TMCL hosts the October Meeting in The Park🎃🎃🎃🤡

On Saturday, October 24th, from 11am until 1 pm, we will be having a general meeting at Kissimmee Lakefront Park. We are so excited to host this first face to face meeting since the beginning of the Pandemic. We will be requiring masks and plan to take all precautions necessary to keep everyone safe. The team of Big Sisters will be making this a really fun Holiday occasion and we are hoping all our moms and babies can attend. This is an opportunity for the babies to dress up in Halloween costumes and have their pictures taken.

Painting In The Park So Much Fun!!!

TMCL sponsored their April Meeting on the 26th from 6 to 8 PM with a painting party. Canvases, easels and paints were given to all the moms and dads and a really cute beach scene was used for demonstration. Amazing how well the paintings all turned out especially after adding tiny footsteps in the sand (using their babies feet of course).  Many moms and babies showed up which are making these park meetings very successful.

TMCL hosts Harbor House at next general meeting!

It’s official, Teen Moms Choose Life will be hosting a presentation by Harbor House at the next general meeting on February 23rd. Harbor House of Orlando is a program created to help victims of Domestic Violence and will be bringing us tons of important information. TMCL meetings are located at The First Pentecostal Church of Kissimmee located at 1557 Mill Slough Rd., Kissimmee. All moms are welcomed but because of limited space and the subject matter we ask you to not bring children. Work on getting sitters now! You won’t want to miss this!