TMCL hosts the October Meeting in The Park

On Saturday, October 24th, from 11AM until 1PM, we will be having a general meeting at Kissimmee Lakefront Park. We are so excited to host this first face to face meeting since the beginning of the Pandemic. We will be requiring masks and plan to take all precautions necessary to keep everyone safe. The team of Big Sisters will be making this a really fun Holiday occasion, and we are hoping all our moms and babies can attend. This is an opportunity for the babies to dress up in Halloween costumes and have their pictures taken. ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿคก

Itโ€™s Another โ€œ Not a Garage Sale Eventโ€!

July 4th, TMCL is giving away an abundance of donations. Please come if you are a mom in need of baby items, baby food and clothes. Location is 207 Indiana Avenue, St. Cloud …. down by the lakefront. Time of the free event is 9 am till noon. This event is a big thanks to all our supporters who lavish us with donations.?โค๏ธ


Vegetable farming for poor women of 10 rural areas

Majority of the women living in the rural areas of Faisalabad ,Punjab(Pakistan) are disadvantaged because they are neither educated nor skilled. Their major profession is farming and livestock rearing.They work with their husbands/brother/fathers 6-8 hours a day and earn very less wages than men from the farms and no money in case of livestock rearing.Due to low income and poor social status, women are subjected to domestic violence, early age marriages, sexual harassment’s yearly.

A Women Vegetable Club(WVC) will help 6 rural women at one time to grow their own vegetables from organic farming and will make them self sufficient to support their families.Each woman will get revolving agriculture loan of 60,000 Pak Rupees for taking 1acre land on 1 year lease for the purpose of commercial kitchen gardening. They will will be able to earn Pak Rupees 1500-2000 per day.They will pay back the loan in 11 months.After the recovery the loan will be distributed to the next 9 areas.

Through this project we want to initiate a business model for poor rural women of 10 areas based on organic and commercial kitchen gardening to transform the low income women lives from poverty to prosperity. Women Vegetable Clubs (WVC) is an idea to club rural women for collective entrepreneurship through organic commercial kitchen gardening. As the project is highly sustainable therefore it will be initiated from from 1 rural area and will move towards the next 9 areas after the completion.


Support Earthquake Victims in Southern Philippines

Successive earthquakes have destroyed homes, properties and livelihoods across the Southern Philippines. At the moment most of the support by the government and humanitarian agencies is focused on providing temporary shelter, food, water and medical assistance for the injured. As per our experience in other disasters, the need to build or repair latrines is not given priority and the absence of latrines may cause a second wave of disaster which is sickness caused by open defecation.

We will repair or build new latrines targeting very poor families affected by the earthquake. Aside from the latrines we will also provide hygiene kits like soap. feminine pads and toothbrush. In this way we will help arrest the spread of diseases in the affected areas. A small component of our response will be to promote vegetable gardening among the affected families so that they are able to improve their nutrition and income.

Eventual recovery of very poor, vulnerable families affected by the earthquake. Our support is crucial and we are one of the best in disaster response with our water and sanitation support.

Make The Better Life For Children

It can be easy to focus on the negative aspects of parenthood in detailed, often funny terms. And there’s no refuting that raising children can be exhausting, emotionally taxing, expensive, and down right hard. We’ve earned our right to complain now and then and, in fact, I’d argue that a little gallows humor is helpful.

But often when it comes to describing the joys of parenthood, they are shared in vagaries. You love your children so much you wouldn’t want life any other way, which is true, but love isn’t the only good thing having kids give you. I thought it would be nice to start the new year with concrete, though not exhaustive, list of ways that having children has made my life better. It’s something I can refer to when I wipe the sleep out of my eyes or wrangle an unhappy toddler into his carseat.

Every parent wants to raise their children in a way that prepares them to live fulfilled, happy, productive lives. I’m trying to be the best father in the world.

Then life’s reality hits. Many people, like myself, get a little lazy and lax on some of the rules and guidance children need. I’m a working entrepreneur putting in 12-plus hours a day building a better future for my family. I can’t run a business and study parenting at the same time, right?

Wrong. Put down that child rearing book. I’ve done the homework for you and listed the 12 scientifically proven best ways to set your kids up for success, both personally and professionally. This advice works for children at any age.


Helping Kids Grow Up Stronger

A father accompanied his 8-year-old son into my therapy office and said, “I’m so proud of him for being so strong. He hasn’t cried once since his grandmother died.”

It was a shining example of how mental strength gets misconstrued and turned into a toxic message for kids. Despite this dad’s good intentions, his words had the potential to be quite harmful.

“Not crying” isn’t a hallmark of strength. In fact, it can often take more courage to shed tears than it does to hold them back. Mental strength involves being acutely aware of your emotions and knowing how to express them in healthy ways โ€” such as crying when you’re sad.

The words you use make a big difference. If you’re not careful, you might send a message that instills unhealthy habits that could drain kids of the mental strength they need to reach their greatest potential.

Next Meeting of Teen moms choose life if on September 17th at 6:30 pm at the BVL Community Center, Kissimmee, Fl.

Aryam’s Story

Being 14 years old and standing in the bathroom with my mom holding a positive pregnancy test was very scary. A whole bunch of questions came to my mind! How was I going to finish school? who would watch my son while I went to school? How would I provide for him? I was in shock for a week or two until me and my mom heard of the COPE program. That’s when I felt an instant relief of stress because I realized I wasn’t alone. I started attending COPE and met Ms. Debbie who was so kind and supportive and always brought sweets. At the time she had just started her organization Teen Moms Choose Life and I was assigned a Big Sister named Larissa. Little did I know that Larissa would have such an impact in my life. She always pushed me to be a better version of myself. Every time I felt lazy or got off track she would be there telling me to get up and work towards my future. She kept pushing me so much to go to school for Medical Billing and Coding. I have been working as a Medical Biller for three years and I absolutely love it. I am very thankful for the COPE program because I was able to finish school a year ahead of time and still feel part of a big family at Teen Moms Choose Life.

Ms. Debbie’s Note: Aryam still attends meetings at Teen Moms Choose Life and she was once chosen “Little Sister of the Year”. She has recently been asked to move up as a Big Sister. Her maturity shines through and will be a great asset to TMCL.