TMCL’s Last Meeting Of The School Year

What a great time all the members of TMCL had at the YMCA Swim Party that was held on May 19th in Kissimmee. The day ended up very sunny and perfect for the moms and babies to enjoy the beautiful pool. We loved that several dad’s showed up too😊. We surprised our members each with a beach tote, towel, beach ball and sunscreen. 

Painting In The Park So Much Fun!!!

TMCL sponsored their April Meeting on the 26th from 6 to 8 PM with a painting party. Canvases, easels and paints were given to all the moms and dads and a really cute beach scene was used for demonstration. Amazing how well the paintings all turned out especially after adding tiny footsteps in the sand (using their babies feet of course).  Many moms and babies showed up which are making these park meetings very successful.

Vicky’s Testimony

Victoria Trullinger Stone

When I was almost 18, and a mother of 2, I came to COPE when I fell behind at my regular high school. At first I saw it as an opportunity to quickly finish my schooling so I can move on to providing the life my children deserve. I quickly realized I was mistaken and that COPE wasn’t just a stepping stone to get to better things, it was in fact, one of those ” better things” I was in search of.I learned more than anywhere else the importance of believing in yourself and that I was not just another statistic. It was a place where I forged life long friendships, not just with the students, but with the staff as well. I met my bestfriend of almost 15 years there and to this day are each other’s team of encouragement. Mrs.Debbie was my teacher but since has grown to be a part of the lives of my children and is still a support team to this day when I’m having trouble navigating through parenting teenagers. I am now a successful married mother of 4. And a lot of that has to do with this program, and the Teachers Sand the importance that was placed on guiding us in the right direction and supporting us on our way. I believe some of that was lost when COPE was dissolved into ZENITH. There are more distractions now, less emphasis on empowering these beautiful young ladies to succeed. Thank God for angels like Mrs.Debbie who, is probably busier now with TMCL than she was before she retired. COPE was hands down, the best thing that ever became part of my life.








Elizabeths’s Story, Part 2

My name is Elizabeth (Lizzy for short), and the last time I shared my story with you all was back in 2012, so here is a five year update.
My son, Michael, is now 7 years old and in 1st grade! He is at the phase where he hates school because it isn’t fun like kindergarten was. His love for animals has grown stronger and I absolutley love it because it is something that we bond over. We plan to save as many animals as we can!
Chris and I are still together and married. We are still tryng to mend the wounds from our past and it’s a working progress, so we will see where life takes us. So far it has taken us from Florida to Tennssee, and from Tennessee all the way to the west coast up to Washington. This will be our last year as a military family, thankfully, and we plan to head back to Florida this summer.
Within these past five years, I actualy graduated from a Technical school for Medical Administrative Assistanting (medical office admin). I had hoped to get a career going in this field but luck wasn’t in my favor. I graduated in 2014 and I still haven’t been able to find a job. It is really hard not having a job because it would help with bills and allow us to give Michael the things I feel he deserves. I try not to dwell on the negative though. Not being able to have a career in that field has given me time to figure out my true passion, animals!
I have been volunteering at the Humane society here in Washington and I have also got the drive to go back to school once we are back in Florida for Zoology and Marine Biology. Yes, being a mother you need to have that income to provide for your family, so you usually go for the more practical jobs. Something you need to remember though, you are setting an example for your son or daughter. At least for me, I want my son to know that his dreams and ambitions are very important, and that he should always strive to reach them, because in the end, he needs to be happy with his life which includes his career. I want him to do what he loves and not what is easy. It’s something my grandparents taught me and I want to make sure my kids know the same thing.
When it comes to family, I have always been closest to my grandparents, and I still am. My mother however, is a different story. If you read my first story, you know about the incident I had with her. Since then, she hasn’t laid a finger on me which is good, but things still got worse. To keep it short, I basically only talk to her because my little sister is still stuck under her roof and I refuse to let her abuse my sister like she did me. I have tried to keep a decent relationship with her for Michaels sake, but sometimes you just have to cut out the negative people.
As to friends, I basicly only have one really close friend who I have known for 15 years. I pretty much just randomly see or talk to everyone else. They are more like acquaintances. It sounds sad, but I actually like it. Less drama!
All in all, this isn’t the life I had planned for myself when I was younger, but it is a good life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Everything Happens for a Reason.