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Vicky’s Testimony

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Victoria Trullinger Stone

When I was almost 18, and a mother of 2, I came to COPE when I fell behind at my regular high school. At first I saw it as an opportunity to quickly finish my schooling so I can move on to providing the life my children deserve. I quickly realized I was mistaken and that COPE wasn’t just a stepping stone to get to better things, it was in fact, one of those ” better things” I was in search of.I learned more than anywhere else the importance of believing in yourself and that I was not just another statistic. It was a place where I forged life long friendships, not just with the students, but with the staff as well. I met my bestfriend of almost 15 years there and to this day are each other’s team of encouragement. Mrs.Debbie was my teacher but since has grown to be a part of the lives of my children and is still a support team to this day when I’m having trouble navigating through parenting teenagers. I am now a successful married mother of 4. And a lot of that has to do with this program, and the Teachers Sand the importance that was placed on guiding us in the right direction and supporting us on our way. I believe some of that was lost when COPE was dissolved into ZENITH. There are more distractions now, less emphasis on empowering these beautiful young ladies to succeed. Thank God for angels like Mrs.Debbie who, is probably busier now with TMCL than she was before she retired. COPE was hands down, the best thing that ever became part of my life.








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