Tonya McKinney: Class of 1993

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Tonya McKinney
I started COPE in 1993, I was 16 and pregnant. I had no idea what I was doing or how to be a parent! With the help of COPE I was taught how to be a parent, taken to all my prenatal appointments and how to prepare myself for life in general! I was able to work at my own pace and graduate early with extra credits and a CNA certificate. Without COPE I would have been another drop out statistic! I wouldn’t have know how to care properly for my child! I wouldn’t have learned how to get myself out of a bad situation and make the best of it!! The teachers were so caring full of useful advice and treated us like their daughters!! Because of that I was able to raise my daughter to know her value and she is now married to the above mentioned service man!! Our small circle at COPE came full circle many years later when our kids met in high school. Without COPE I truly believe none of it would have been possible!!

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