Testimonials For COPE (2013)

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By Avelyn Garcia

What School meant for me was being able to accomplish something for me that seemed to be far away because at that moment I had messed up. Oh, so I though I messed up but I decided to beat the odds and take advantage of an opportunity that was being given to me in COPE! I must say it was challenging with a baby that now depended on me and I was only 16 but I was determined to prove to myself that I can actually get back on track. The Teachers and Staff as well as the Caretakers made it possible for me and I gave it my all. I am so thankful and never regret even now 13 years later that I actually did it. I never gave up and kept on going. Thank You COPE with All my Heart!


By Jackie Semiday (1999-2001)

Staying in COPE meant so much to me. As a teen mom, brand new to Florida with not much family, the COPE staff embraced me and my daughter and helped me in my most difficult times. I learned through COPE that even if I was a young teen mom my life wasn’t over and I could still pursue my goals even facing very difficult life changing issues. Seeing my daughter’s face and using the methods that COPE equipped me with as a young teen mom I overcame these challenges victoriously. Life has thrown me obstacles I can write a novel but I wouldn’t change it for the world and I owe that to COPE and Mrs. Debbie and their is nothing that brings me more pleasure than being able to share that with my daughters. I thank god for sending Angels like Mrs. Debbie and the COPE staff. Keep on doing  Amazing work for GOD!


By Valerie Wojsiat 91999-20000

Being at COPE really gave me the skills and opportunity to grow up and know that I wasn’t alone.  Being a teen mom we were young but we had support at COPE. . I am living proof that making a wise choice to go to COPE was the best choice I made for myself and my family.


By Jackie Santos (2007)

Finishing school can be one of your greatest accomplishments. It is a huge example that you can show your kids. Do not let anyone look down on you because you didn’t finish school…be able to tell them YOU DID It! Continue to educate yourself and make a better life for you and your children. Graduating High School is the first step in the right direction.


By Shannon Hiracheta (Johnson) (1999)

I can’t believe 16 years ago I was in school!  Now my daughter is in high school and looking at colleges and preparing for her future.  I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to finish school, go to college, and raise my wonderful daughter to have dreams and aspirations for the future.  Thank you COPE for giving me a place to help raise Halle.  I would not be where I am today without your support.

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  1. I was 15 when I got pregnant with my daughter and was failing the 9th grade. I started cope for summer school and the staff there helped me so much to be able to stay on track with my class and I was able to work hard with their guidance to complete school a semester early. The teachers took their time with each student to help in any way possible and encouraged us to become all we can be in life and as great mothers. I am so proud to be able to attend this school and have the resources accessible to becoming a great mom and person. Now my daughter is 16 and wants to open a bakery and I encourage her to becoming anything she wants to be like I was given the chance.

    • Alex, I will always remember how you blossomed at COPE. You entered as one terrified young pregnant girl and left a confident young mom….I always knew you would give life your all and remain positive and open to life’s wonders…..What a beautiful family you have….Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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