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Teen Moms Choose Life General Meeting For November 14th

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All are Welcome to November’s meeting of Teen Moms Choose Life. The Big Sisters will be hosting this meeting and we will be featuring a short presentation about breastfeeding by our friend Nicole. Nicole is part of Osceola County’s Birth Network and has been offering her assistance to all our young moms at COPE. Another topic we will discuss is the Myths of Pregnancy…..For Instance: If you eat a lot of Tums or Rolaids during your pregnancy you will have a baby with a lot of hair..True or False…..Come to the meeting and find out the answer! All mothers are invited and if any former COPE student would like to be a part of “Big Sisters” please come and see what we are doing for our community. Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner so please come and be part of our “Sisterhood” and get the help you need. We will meet November 14th at 6:30 pm at the First Pentecostal Church at 1557 Mill Slough Rd., Kissimmee.

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