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Victory Village, a Low-Income Housing Project To Help The Homeless

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Please Read: Important Information About Housing


Osceola County has finally addressed the issue of finding shelter for those in need of housing. So many of our homeless are living in local hotels along  route 192, the tourist corridor in west Osceola County. For the first time in the state of Florida, a former hotel has been renovated, and turned into apartments geared toward families who want safe housing and a a better quality of life.

Officials cut the ribbon on Victory Village, the former Four Winds Hotel on U.S. Highway 192 this past Tuesday. Applications will be taken during the next month for the 20 rent controlled unfurnished units, with families expected to move in around November 1.

The project takes some very low-priced motel rooms out of the inventory of the area. It is located between Medieval Times and West  Kissimmee  WalMart. Transportation is very accessible in that area being on a bus route. Hopefully we will see some of the other hotels follow this model. The former hotel rooms have been converted into one, two and three bedroom apartments. The feature hardwood floors, Formica counters and energy efficient appliances. The complex has a playground and a family play area as well as a laundry room.

The Community Hope Center of Osceola, a resource center that helps find jobs, housing and utility bill assistance, is right across the parking lot.

The Transition House, a nonprofit organization was chosen to develop this program.

Qualifications for the low income housing is based on the household’s annual income. A couple who earns $37, 450 or under annually is considered low-income, while a family of four would be very-low income at $29, 250 per year

Applicants who qualify may be eligible for security deposit assistance based on the availability of the funds. The application process will be done through Osceola County. For more information applicants are asked to call 407-742-8411

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