Teen Moms Making Choices: An Essay by Larissa Camacho

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Larissa and JoseTeen Moms Making Choices
Larissa Camacho
Adventist University of Health Sciences

Teen Moms Making Choices
Children having children is often a headline that we see very often in today’s society within newspaper articles, television shows and radio talk shows among others. Teenage pregnancy is becoming more popular and it’s consider an actual problem that society faces; whether it has positive or negative outcomes for the new parents to be, it is still judged terribly among most communities.

Surprisingly; some of these teenagers opt to have children at a very young age to escape life struggling situations, for example, claiming family problems and arguments, wanting to move away from home with a significant other and having a baby will make them stay together. Some teens are not completely educated in the consequences that having a child at a young age can bring and others simply want to actually have a baby. United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world and even thought the government offers free education maybe the information provided is not enough to prevent our country from having the highest teen pregnancy rates among the industrialized world (Hamilton, 2012).

Unfortunately, the outcomes of teenage pregnancy are not very positive. Teenagers are less likely to find family help or a close relative to count on meantime turning the situation into a bigger problem overall; these teenagers sometimes are left homeless and having to find a shelter where they can stay will only increase the poverty rates in the country and costs the government more money to fund these type of institutions. Education all of a sudden turns into a major dilemma, teenagers are suppressed from public schools, not by law but they are highly recommended to find a different option when it comes to continue their education to prevent any chaotic situation or scandal within their facility, teenagers therefore are left with no choice but to leave school behind and find a different job to support their new baby, and of course the issue turns into statistics when it comes to lack of education in United States.

Medical concern is among the negative aspects of teenage pregnancy, bringing a financial crisis for their newborns and themselves when seeking for medical care depending on government funds to qualify for insurance, however, the financial department is not the only worry but the health of teenagers as well. Medical professionals often explain how a teenager’s body in developmental and growing stage is not ready to give birth, which can cause birth defects and even death to both the baby and the mother.

Unusually, not all teenagers are young minded and choose the wrong path, more and more teenage moms are willing to accept help and counseling from community groups or nonprofit organizations that are out there to offer help when needed; this can result in positive outcomes for teenage mothers.
Crime rate decreases when teen moms choose to keep their babies, motherhood turns some of them into very mature young adults and despite of the struggle they are able to find a job to better their financial status and stay away from the streets even in rough areas of the country. Drug abuse also decreases. When these soon- to-be mothers seek for medical help they learn the severe consequences that alcohol and drug use causes to the fetus and themselves; by taking immediate action of the situation it decreases the statistics of drug intake within teenagers.

Joining support groups can guide young mothers to making good choices, it can increase highly their education and knowledge of good parenthood, and increase their skills in becoming good mothers, they can meet other girls that are in the same situation as them, and by not finding themselves alone it can decrease the possibility of depression, suicidal thoughts or anger against the baby itself. Education can be a key to many great outcomes, teenagers who are against abortion but would like to give the newborn for adoption gives the opportunity to many couples that are unable to have children within the country, yet again turning this into a positive outcome.

Concerns among Americans increase every time they hear or see about a teenage mother but with research shows that early motherhood is not such a bad thing, teenagers become more aware of their responsibilities and most of the new mothers are very positive about their future ahead, they understand that their education and other interests might have to stop or change for a period of time but they know it’s not impossible to continue in accomplishing future goals, they do not see childbirth as a matter of life ending, but instead a challenge that needs to be overcome to move on with their lives.
Many of the US born citizens often argue and criticize about the money and help the new moms obtain but they need to be reminded from time to time that millions of other Americans individually and institutions like jails and drug rehab centers also receive far more help, and are also contributing to the deficit of the country.

Thanks to the many organizations worldwide trying to help young mothers, they are becoming more and more successful every day; the latest statistics the US census provided shows us a decrease in numbers. We as citizens cannot stop teenage pregnancy but we can provide with support to prevent further decisions these teenagers might take.

Teen Moms Choose Life and COPE (Creating Opportunities for Parenting Education) were among some of those programs that helped me firsthand 9 years ago when I had my first son at the age of 15. Meeting numerous amounts of people that are willing to help was a blessing, providing me with mental support, donations, wonderful resources, medical attention, education, child birth classes, postpartum birth control, and finishing high school within a county program that provides free day care in the school and transportation to and from home are just a few of the things these wonderful people did for me.

Overcoming the challenge of having a child is the hardest step to accomplish but becoming mentally strong, having the will to excel with education, and becoming a dedicated mother is the key to success. It is not easy of course for teen moms to do this transition of weak and embarrassed teenagers to strong and dedicated woman, therefore, the more help they receive the easier it is for them to reach this stage. As a mentor of, “Teen Moms Choose Life” I get to share my experience with many new moms that come seeking for help, it is very rewarding to be able to help many girls that have potential to becoming successful woman in life and all they need is encouragement. It is very easy to judge, especially when you do not know the person and the story behind them, but God encourages us to look at the positive side of everything that we might encounter, and the same way I met someone nine years ago that help me become who I am today, I aspire to do the same for hundreds of other young females that are in need of guidance.


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