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Are You In An Abusive Relationship?

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Domestic Violence occurs when one person uses emotional, sexual, and/or physical abuse to gain control over someone else. Battering is the single major cause of injury to women..more frequently than auto accidents, muggings and rape combined. Domestic Violence is a crime. Many people don’t realize they are in an abusive relationship and if they are they don’t know what to do or where to go. There is an organization in Osceola County that helps people get away from the abuser and provides a place to stay and get counseling. Help Now provides a fully trained staff with a 52 bed shelter. There is also a supportive environment for children of victims.

Did you Know: It takes a victim an average of 7 times trying to leave a situation before actually getting the strength and courage to stay away.

Help Now provides a 24 hour hotline Domestic Violence 407-847-8562
Sexual Assault 407-847-4668

Warning Signs

1. A push for a quick relationship
2. Jealous and possessive behavior
3. Tries to control your life
4. Unrealistic expectations
5. Isolates you from friends and family
6. Blames others for his/her problems and mistakes
7. Makes everyone else responsible for his/her feelings
8. Says his feelings are easily hurt
9. Cruel to animals and children
10. Playful use of force during sex
11. Yells and calls you names
12. rigid sex roles
13. sudden mood swings
14. History of battering
15. Threats of violence
16. Angry about certain clothes you wear
17. Goes through your purse, phone, emails and other personal things
18. Insists you drink or take drugs
19. Hit walls, drives recklessly when you are in the car, make light of hurting you
20. keeps secrets from you
21. has a history of violence
22. refuses to let you use the car
23. keeps you from getting a job
24. acts jealous in front of you and friends
25. Calls you bitch, stupid, idiot, bum etc.
26. makes all the decisions
27. has access to firearms
28. makes you walk around on eggshells
29. you lose friends because of him
30. forces you to have sex

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