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Children’s Home Society: A Great Resource

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This month I visited the offices of the Children’s Home Society of Florida to see what services they had for our young mothers. Their offices are conveniently located at 2647 Michigan Avenue, Kissimmee. There are so many services available to mothers and fathers and if I had little ones I would for sure get involved with some of these programs.

Some of these programs are there to help young pregnant women and new moms adjust to the changes going on in their lives. Everyone could use help and advice at one time or another in their life and the people at Children’s Home Society devote their time to helping in so many various ways. I am encouraging the teen moms at Zenith/COPE School to get involved because so many girls do not have the transportation to get to places that can help them. They provide transportation and they come to the home if need be. There is an opportunity to bring your child to some play times at the center. There is even a program for the young dads. There is a donation room located at the site and if need be the counselors there will help you get what you need to support your family.

I was impressed that Early Steps, a program to evaluate and meet the special needs of some children, provides some of their services at the center, which means you do not have to go all the way into Orlando for evaluation and therapy.
Many other programs are available and I think if you check out the facility you will find a variety of help.

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