Lisette’s Story…..Class of “08”

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Without COPE where would I be?, Possibly on drugs? with another child?, but most definitely without a diploma. COPE gave me motivation to be a better me not only for myself but most importantly for my son.

before COPE I had terrible grades, disrespected my mother, didn’t have a job, and was going down a terrible path. At COPE I did a complete 360%. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA as President of the Class of “08” I started working as a photographer after I graduated and went to Valencia to study Accounting. COPE taught me the responsibility of motherhood and the importance of a child;s education. My son is now being tested for gifted classes in Kindergarten because he is so advanced for his age. He is a very healthy boy playing flag football for the Osceola Kowboys.

When times were rough in high school and I didn’t have means to make ends meet let alone buy diapers or formula for my son, COPE was there and helped me provide for my son.

I am just one of the many young mothers that COPE has inspired to be the best mother they could be. To do without the program would be a tragedy. You would be taking away from the generations of children here in Osceola County that could utilize the help and become amazing young adults for our future…..Thank you for Listening!

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