Sherrie is July’s Celebrity Mom!

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Congratulations to our July Celebrity Mom Sherrie Fletcher Evartt. I have been watching Sherrie on Facebook for a few years now always posting positive messages to her friends as well as parenting advice and ideas. Sherrie has shown her entrepreneur skills in many ways but her Lil Mamas and Papas Cloth Diapers are one of the best environmental ideas I have seen lately.( and if you have ever taken Environmental Science with me you would know why this is important). Kudos to Sherrie and I hope many of you gals support her in her business venture.

Perfect pose with cloth diapers

Name: Sherrie Evartt (Fletcher)
Age: 25

Children: Britney (11) Jared (9) Hunter (8) Kimberly (5) Kole (3) Alaina (3 months)

Accomplishments: GED, Lil Mamas And Papas (online store), raising my beautiful kids as a stay-at-home mom, buying a house.

Ultimate dream to raise happy heathly kiddos, attend college when they are all in school, massage therapy, ASL “American Sign Language”

Message/Advice: My advice to a mom (teen mom/first mom/mom-of-many): You are their mother and you know your child best. You will hear MILLIONS of comments/advice that other people will think you should do or try. ALL babies are different. You can try what you want, if it fails, oh well. It is your child to raise YOUR child! How you want to raise them is your business. If you feel something is wrong, trust your gut. Even if everything turns out fine it is better to be safe than sorry. Then, you will feel better that you worried for nothing rather than not worrying and something truly bad happens.
My advice to moms: research, research, research. We have the world at our finger tips. Make informed/educated choices! You will be shocked what they don’t tell you!

Here is my story!

Hello, My name is Sherrie. I got pregnant in October of 2002 with my first son. He was born 6 weeks early, due to Pre-eclampsia. He was born May 27, 2003, 3 weeks to the day after my 16th Birthday. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was sooo excited and scared at the same time. I told my mother, yes, she was shocked and disappointed, but she was very supportive. She called and told my father. He too was very supportive. We had a happy bouncing baby ball of joy. We all dearly loved him. Jared’s father and I were not together, but he and his parents were also supportive. His parents even offered to adopt my son, which I took in a positive way. It was not like they were trying to take my son away from me. I kept my son and attended COPE while I was pregnant, and returned back to school when Jared was 3 months old. Every summer Jared and I would go to Pensacola, FLorida for the summer so Jared could see his father and his grandparents. I believe I had an easier road than some teen moms. No, it wasn’t easy but my parents and Richard’s parents made it easier both money- wise and support- wise. Jared was breast-fed up until about 7 and half months. He was a chunky monkey. He loved the day care at COPE and loved all the ladies. I don’t know where I would be right now without the help of Mrs. Debbie and Mr. Myers. They too were very supportive.

In 2006 I moved to Texas with my father and I earned my GED because the high school wanted me to stay in school for a full year in order to get my 1.5 credits in science and foreign language. They wouldn’t help with daycare so I just wasn’t able to do that so I went for my GED.

When Jared was three years old ( January 12 ) I went on my first date with my husband. He had two kiddos , Britney and Hunter. We got serious, he proposed, and we were married 2 years to the day of our first date January of 09. We got pregnant with our son Kole on January of 09. While I was pregnant I had discovered the Cloth Diaper Life. People thought I was crazy including my family and in-laws. They thought it was cool to a point, but didn’t think I would stick with it. BUT I did and I have been CDing for 4 years now. I will post some links to get ahold of me if anyone is interested, but back to my story. I had Kole three weeks early on September 5th 2008, another healthy bouncing baby boy. He too was breast fed. While I was still new to my cloth diapering world, I was on a forum all about cloth diapering, and other parenting advice too. I read about extended breast feeding. I am a die-hard advocate of breast feeding, and this was something I had never heard of. I had always thought that you breast feed untill age one, and then you were SUPPOSE to stop. Well I read differently. WHO (Breastfeeding Organization) recommends breasting to at least the age of one, and as long as mother and baby are comfortable. Granted, I’m sure it isn’t for all, but I am more than proud to say that I breast feed Kole till he was 3 years old. The month he stopped breast feeding, I got pregnant with my daughter…go figure ….:P.

While I was pregnant with my daughter, we got custody of my husband’s other daughter, Kimberly. So, we now had 5 kids and pregnant with number 6. I’m sure you can see the looks when we go out of the house together. Giggle. Alaina was a very hard pregnancy but we both made it through. I was able to have my first non-medicated birth, and it was so great. I would do it over again in a heartbeat!! It was just amazing. She too is, of course, a boobie baby and will be until she decides to stop. She is 3 months old right now and a happy little girl.

I am now 25, married to the love of my life, with 6 kids. I am buying my first house, have a 2012 Traverse, and I’m truly happy as I can be. It can be done!!! I never in my life thought I would own a brand new house and car, 6 kids, and a husband that loves me just as much as I love him. I am sooo truly happy. I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for COPE I would not be the mom/woman I am today. COPE helped me in so many ways it isn’t funny. I also have to thank my parents and Richard and his family. Without them too I would not be who I am today.
The end of my story..:

For those of you who are interested in cloth diapers, I also make cloth diapers, and have a little store on Facebook. Lil Mamas And Papas is the name, search it and email me. I will answer all questions and can even make you cloth diaper/trainers. OR I can link you to sites to buy used cloth diapers and help find some awesome deals..:)
For those who are interested in learning more about extended breast feeding, or even about breast feeding in general, please contact me on Facebook or my email. Facebook Sherrie Evartt Email: “”
Something else I want to add is that I am VERY anti-circumcising and would love to talk to anyone that is interested in the pros and cons. I will NOT push you into a choice of whether or not to do it or not. I just ask that parents are informed of what really happens and can happen. Here in the US most parents just think it is normal,I don’t think it isn’t normal anymore. Also here in the US they do not always give info about circumcising and what can happen. They hand you a paper and ask you to mark yes or no. Again, you can contact me through FB or Email…:)

I also didn’t discuss Baby Wearing. MANY cultures wear their babies. Here, in the US it isn’t so common, but it is amazing no matter the age of you baby( NB to 35+ plus pounds). Babies feel safer when they are close to their wearing, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, gramma, grampa..ect. I would love to send you in the right direction..:)
I would love to share my stories about cloth diapers, breastfeeding, and non-circumcising my sons please don’t hesitate to contact me..:)

Smile pretty!

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