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Baby Highchair Recalled After Children Suffer Injuries
Posted by Jeanne Sager on July 17, 2012 at 10:47 AM
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Highchairs. We all have ’em. But if you’re one of nearly half a million parents who bought the Chicco Polly Highchair, you might want to put it away. The popular baby product is part of a massive recall right now because little kids are falling against them and getting hurt.

Pegs on the back of the chair have been blamed for 21-some unsturdy tots being injured, including one who scratched the cornea in his eye and several more who required serious medical attention to close up their cuts. So what do you do if you have a Chicco highchair sitting in your house? Here’s everything you need to know to keep your child safe:

1. The recall covers 455,000 Chicco highchairs sold in the USA and another 30,690 sold in Canada. The affected chairs were sold under the names Polly Double Pad Highchair and Polly Single Pad Highchair.

2. The recalled highchairs have been in stores and online since 2005, and were being sold right up through this month, so even older hand-me-down highchairs could be involved in the recall. All models being recalled were manufactured before October 13, 2010, and there will be a date stamp model/serial label on the underside of the seat close to the footrest that will help you determine when yours was made.

3. Affected chairs will have one of the following model numbers on the same label where you find the date of manufacture: 06063803650070, 05063803570070, 00063803490070, 05063803270070, 06063803820070, 00063803480070, 05063803220070, 06063803770070, 04063803860070, 05063803970070, 04063803900070, 05063803020070, 04063803630070, 00063803580070, 06063803960070, 07063803780070, 00063803430070, 06063803970070, 05063803260070, 05063803660070, 06063765650070, 04063765760070, 04063765540070, 06063765970070, 04063765000070, 05063765020070.

4. You should put your highchair away for now so your child isn’t hurt, but Chicco will send you a free peg cover kit to keep them safe. To get yours, call the company at 800-807-8817 between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday or fill out a request form online.

Does this recall affect your family? Has your unsturdy new walker bumped up against something on one of your baby products and gotten hurt?

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