Study: Women Not Informed About Natural Birth Option

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article posted in Orlando Sentinel 6/27/12

Women who have had a cesarean section can often opt for a natural childbirth the next time. But a small study suggests that women are making that decision without all the information they need.

In the past, doctors thought that once a woman had a C-section, she would need to do the same for any future births, mainly out of concern that the scar on the uterus would rupture during a vaginal delivery.

That thinking has changed.

In fact, experts say a vaginal delivery has advantages for women who have had a C-section. Moms have a shorter stay and recovery time. And vaginal delivery is less likely to cause certain complications such as excessive bleeding and infection.

But the study shows that women might not be aware of those facts when they choose a repeat C-section or what doctors call a “trial of labor.”

Most women were also unaware that a C-section carries a relatively higher risk of breathing problems for newborns and a higher risk of death for mothers.

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