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Tiffany was chosen this month because of her perseverance to finish what she set out to accomplish. Tiffany was a high achiever when she attended COPE and I know all of her fellow students will agree how focused she was on her studies and her beautiful daughter. Tiffany’s personality and spirit was the reason I chose her to represent COPE at the Celebration Book Store when they gave us a baby shower full of donations. There is no doubt that Tiffany is meant to inspire other teen moms and has discovered all the steps to a successful and meaningful life.

Name: Tiffany Davis (Falcon)

Age: 21

Children: Jalisa Davis, 4

Accomplishments: Graduated High School 2008. A.S. at Valencia College 2010. Currently working on my R.N. at Valencia College. Graduating in May 2013.

Ultimate dream to become a Labor and Delivery nurse.

Message/Advice: Being a teen parent is one the hardest things a teen could go through but also one of the most rewarding. Having to grow up quickly and care for another human being is life altering. Having children brings the best out of you. It can give you the motivation and drive to do things that you never thought was even possible. It doesn’t matter how old you are you can be an amazing parent to your child and become a successful person in life. This is what COPE instilled in me: Your future is what you make of it!! You don’t have to become another teen statistic!! Im so grateful for having wonderful examples in my life like Ms. Debbie. Going to nursing school and raising my daughter is not easy but I’m so thankful for the opportunity and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

“Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture.”
-Lydia M. Child

Tiffany and Jalisa

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  1. Thank you Tiffany!!!!! kisses and hugs to you and Jalisa.

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