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Why Use a Doula

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Doulas are trained to assist women with childbirth, she supplies comfort and emotional support to a women throughout the labor, birth process and postpartum. Research shows that women who use Doulas have a 50% decrease in cesarean births, 60% decrease in epidurals, 40% decrease in the use of pitocin, 30% decrease in the use of narcotics and forceps and a 25% decrease in the length of labor. Fathers and family members are often surprised at the amount of work involved assisting at the birth of a baby. Studies also show that fathers usually participates more actively during a labor in the presence of a doula. A responsible Doula supports and encourages the father rather than replaces him. Doula service are sometimes covered by insurance and if expense is a concern JMJ Life Center will help.

3 Comments on “Why Use a Doula

  1. I had Doulas at both of my births. My First birth was long and hard, and my Doula helped in so many ways. Couching me through each contraction, helping me with back pain, and even helping me deal with the problems we had with the staff at the hospital. i think the only reason why they didnt give me a C-section was becuase she was there. becuase they threatened it just about every hour. With my Second birth we had a Midwife and a Doula. (best experiance ever!) it was so relaxing and so wonderful. my Doula helped me so much, she came to the house before we went to the birth center and helped me labor at home for some time, then helped me with contractions in the car ride, then at the birthcenter she was so amazing, helping me so much in so many ways. both Doulas met with me before and after each birth a few times so they can get to know you and your wants for ur birth as well as, see how u are doing emotionally & physically with everything. I cant even tell you how fantastic they really are Doulas are! They can truly empower you in birth and motherhood.

    • Thanks Nicole…sounds like you had an awesome experience…thanks for sharing about something that Is dear to my heart! There are several dOula’s I know who need just one more birth to be certified and they would gladly donate their time.

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